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Facial Aesthetics – Dental Surgeons Offering Treatments

February 03, 2022

Facial aesthetic procedures have advanced and become commonplace in today’s world. The popularity of facial aesthetic treatments is increasing, so is it a good idea for dental surgeons to offer these treatments?

Experience and Knowledge

Dental Surgeons have the anatomical know-how and surgical experience to branch into the world of facial aesthetics. Dental surgeons may feel that moving into this specialised field is natural.

Many dental specialists have now moved into the world of facial aesthetics, with staff undertaking advanced training and successfully offering treatments alongside regular dental treatments. Facial aesthetics in skincare treatments offer dental surgeons the chance to train and advance in skills and broaden their repertoire.

Facial Aesthetics and Skin Care Treatments

These are elective treatments, and therefore the patient is likely to take time choosing a specialist that offers what they are seeking. They will want to feel assured that the specialist treating them has a sound understanding of how the procedure should be performed and adequately understands what they aim to achieve from it.

It is essential that any dental surgeon looking to branch into the field of aesthetic treatment and skincare fully understands the needs of the patients. A patient who wants aesthetic treatment will have different needs than those who often require essential dental work, and it is integral to differentiate between the two.

Offering reasonably priced treatments in line with the average prices is a great way to gain confidence. Cheap aesthetic treatments will often ring alarm bells. Similarly, if the treatments are over-priced, many will be put off. Researching the field and potential competitors is crucial.

Why Dental Surgeons Are a Good Option When Seeking Facial Aesthetics

Dental surgeons have thorough knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy. Soft tissue, skeletal structure and facial profiles are all thoroughly studied and understood by dental specialists. This helps to reassure the patient they are in safe and capable hands.

Learning the skill of facial aesthetics is more a matter of developing and underpinning existing knowledge. Attention to tiny details and an understanding of cosmetic importance is paramount for all dental surgeons. The ability to skilfully inject into delicate facial areas is something all dental specialists will possess, which is essential for injecting things such as dermal fillers with accuracy.

If you are a dental surgeon looking to move into the field of facial aesthetic treatments and skincare, it is a rewarding career progression. Patient/consultant relationships are essential, particularly with procedures like this. Dentists often develop trust with their patients, a solid foundation when looking for cosmetic adjustments.

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