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Dentist in Amesbury

February 21, 2022

Coombe End Dental is a trusted dental service provider in the Amesbury area. We are modern dental professionals, with many years of combined experience. We cater to all of your dental needs, from cosmetic dentistry to emergency care in Amesbury, with state-of-the-art apparel, and are proud of the many satisfied patients who have walked out of our clinic down the years.

We offer a varied range of dental treatments, and cater to any and every dental requirement in the Amesbury area. What are they, exactly?

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic dentistry service is a must for anyone who isn’t happy with the overall appearance of their smile. Our professional whitening services will remove the staining and plaque accumulation on your teeth, and restore their natural shine, and whiteness.

Teeth Straightening

Our orthodontic treatments are also here to restore your confidence in your smile. Thanks to our professional teeth straightening services, you will enjoy a set of symmetrical, beautifully oriented teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal infection is a highly dangerous condition that should be treated immediately. Our team of dental professionals will work to swiftly remove the bacteria from inside of your root canal, and limit the spread of the infection.

Dental Implants

It can be disheartening to look in the mirror, and see a gap in the middle of your smile. This is what dental implants are for, to restore the fullness and symmetry of your dentures.

… or list of dental services is extensive, and contains everything from dental fillings to professional dental hygienist appointments, and so on. In other words, Coombe End Dental offers you a smile that is white, bright, straight, and perfectly healthy.

Here for emergencies

Coombe End Dental is also here for your dental emergencies, both the sudden, inexplicable ones, as well as the emergencies resulting from an accident or injury. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Amesbury, look no further.

We offer emergency dental service for those in need – we will take every possible step to assess the damage using scans, x-rays, and examinations, and establish the appropriate treatment for your situation.

We also provide you with immediate after-care tips, including how to manage pain, and how to care for your teeth once you go home. And if you’re not dealing with an emergency, Coombe End Dental is here for a regular care appointment or check-up.


Care for the community

Together, our team of dental care professionals is here to cater to every one of your dental needs. For many years now, we have served the Amesbury community with care and diligence, and in time, Coombe End Dental has become an appreciated and well-loved healthcare provider.

We serve our local community, and ensure that every single day that comes arrives with a smile on their lips – because we’ve made sure they can proudly smile at the world, at large.

Coombe End Dental is the dentist in Amesbury you are looking for – we offer professionalism, speedy and high-quality service, but also a friendly, trustworthy team.


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