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8 Home Toothache Remedies 

August 10, 2023

Ever been hit by a toothache so intense it’s robbed you of sleep and turned even simple joys into torment? We’ve all been there, and we know how important quick relief can be. 

Welcome to Coombe End Dental! If you find yourself in a dental crisis, our doors are open for emergency treatment. But while you wait for your appointment, here’s a quick guide to easing that ache with some tried-and-true home remedies: 

Saltwater Rinse 

Not just a wise old tale, but a scientifically-backed solution. A saltwater rinse works double duty by fighting off infections and dislodging trapped food. Just swish warm salt water around your mouth for 15 to 30 seconds, and you might feel relief. Trust us, wisdom teeth especially don’t stand a chance! 


Believe it or not, garlic’s not just for pasta. Its antibiotic compound, allicin, might just be your teeth’s new best friend. A gentle bite on a fresh clove could send that pain packing. 


Don’t save them just for your Christmas oranges! With their natural anaesthetic, eugenol, cloves can provide some relief. Try some clove oil on a cotton ball on the painful area, and feel the magic. 

Peppermint Tea 

Peppermint isn’t only tasty but therapeutic, thanks to menthol. A cotton ball dipped in peppermint tea or even a soothing drink might just do the trick. But go easy—too much tea can tint those pearly whites. 

Cold Compress 

Got swelling with that ache? A cold compress against your cheek can numb the pain without overdoing the sensitivity. Remember, though, ice on the skin needs a buffer like a towel. 

Over-the-Counter Medications 

When in doubt, your pharmacy aisle can be a treasure trove. Ibuprofen is a classic choice, and for really stubborn pain, low-dose opiates might help (but only for a maximum of 3 days). 

What’s That Tooth Trying to Say? 

Persistent pain might be more than a minor annoyance. From fractures to abscesses, your tooth might be sounding an alarm for serious issues that only a professional can handle. 

Come See Us at Coombe End Dental 

Home remedies can be helpful, but we don’t recommend relying on them entirely. We’re always here to guide you on the phone and provide temporary relief until your appointment. 

We pride ourselves on routine check-ups, and we encourage you to do the same. Six-monthly visits let us catch small issues before they escalate into something more severe. 

Why Coombe End Dental? With our cutting-edge microscopic equipment, we don’t miss a thing, ensuring accurate diagnoses and a speedy path to recovery. So, whether you need emergency treatment or just a check-up, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re not just about treating pain; we’re about keeping smiles radiant and healthy! 

For more information, please contact Coombe End Dental. 

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