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The Role of a Hygienist in Maintaining Good Oral Health

The Role of a Hygienist in Maintaining Good Oral Health

January 05, 2023

Maintaining Good Oral Health

For general health and wellbeing, maintaining good dental health is essential. The dental hygienist is an important participant in this procedure. Our hygienists at Coombe End Dental are essential in assisting patients in achieving and maintaining good oral health.

Dental hygienists oversee cleaning teeth first and foremost. Plaque and tartar need to be removed because if they aren’t, they can cause gum disease and tooth decay. They effectively remove these deposits from the teeth and gums using a variety of equipment, like as brushes and scalers.

Dental hygienists not only clean teeth but also instruct patients on how to take care of their teeth and gums at home. This involves demonstrating suitable brushing and flossing procedures and advising on the best oral hygiene supplies.

Dental hygienists are also involved in the recognition and treatment of problems with oral health. During routine cleanings, they can spot early indications of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. They can then collaborate with the dental team to develop a treatment plan to address these problems.

Our hygienists at Coombe End Dental are skilled in both taking X-rays and creating imprints of the patient’s teeth and gums. With the aid of these equipment, we can see the mouth in detail, enabling us to properly identify and address any problems.

Dental hygienists may also oversee giving therapeutic care in addition to preventive care. Scaling and root planning are used to treat advanced gum disease as well as applying fluoride treatments and desensitising medications to help protect the teeth.

Dental hygienists assist in the care of patients with special needs as well. Working with patients who are physically or mentally challenged as well as those who are medically vulnerable and need specialised care during treatment are included in this.

Our hygienists’ efforts and the crucial part they play in assisting our patients in achieving and maintaining good oral health are valued at Coombe End Dental. In addition to providing our patients with high-quality care and education, our team works hard to make each visit as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

In conclusion, a dental hygienist plays a critical part in preserving good oral health. The dentists at Coombe End Dental are essential members of our team and dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best oral health possible. They clean teeth, offer education, and detect and prevent oral health issues.

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