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Open your eyes to a fresh new look

July 17, 2019

Eyes and a smile are often the first features we notice about each other. They are also the features that show early tell-tale signs of ageing. At Coombe Dental, we are perfectly placed to rejuvenate a smile – but did you know we also now complement this with facial aesthetic treatments?

Eye wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle activity over many years. As the muscles around the eye contract, the skin furrows and creases the skin. Skin becomes more susceptible to this creasing because collagen, the protein that gives structure to cells, begins to degrade over time.  

Without this elasticity, the skin sags, often leading to eye wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and the elevens (or the vertical creases between our eyebrows), which make us appear older. Lifestyle factors may also have impact. A diet high in carbohydrate, high levels of sun exposure and smoking all contribute to eye wrinkles.

Thankfully, anti-wrinkle treatments can smooth these out, reducing the appearance of fine lines and diminishing dark shadows and under eye wrinkles. Coombe Dental’s dentist, Richard, now provides facial aesthetics treatments with an approach to cosmetic rejuvenation that is subtle, natural and elegant. 

Here, he answers some of your questions…

Can you create subtle changes to gently enhance my appearance?

Absolutely! My philosophy is to create a natural, refreshed, rejuvenated look whilst still allowing expression – so nobody will know why you look so good!

What happens at the consultation?

I take a patient-centred approach, so the first thing I do is establish exactly what it is that is worrying you. We look at everything together and collaborate to develop a treatment plan. I always keep you informed of how everything works, why it works, the risks and benefits as well as what to expect from the final results. I also talk you through your obligations in taking care of the result post-treatment.

How often will I need re-treatment?

Anti-wrinkle treatment needs to be replenished every four months or so. Dermal fillers need replenishment every 9-12 months.

Is anti-wrinkle treatment suitable at any age?

I would say from around the age of 25 – prevention is better than cure! We can treat the areas most susceptible to eye wrinkles before they form. Once they are there, they won’t completely disappear, but they will soften with treatment.

If you are looking to diminish eye wrinkles, call 01722 341 291 today to book your consultation with Richard Coates or request a call back here.





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