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The Negative Effects of Eating Disorders on Oral Health

August 03, 2021

A severe problem in the world, eating disorders have been known to disrupt the lives of all they affect. So, the widespread disastrous consequences of eating disorders have been mental and physical harm. However, that is not where it ends. Indeed, such conditions can disrupt bodily functions, but they can also cause a lot of damage to one’s appearance.
Here are some known ways in which eating disorders ruin dental health.

Salivary Glands Damage

Many individuals tend to suffer from moderate to severe damage to the salivary glands as a direct consequence of eating disorders. This includes conditions such as anorexia and bulimia, etc. People who often go through severe cycles of rouging or binge eating can suffer from swollen salivary glands. As a result, the glands can be enlarged, and it is not just displeasing to the eye but also painful.

Teeth Decay

Another typical result of eating disorders is the decay of teeth. As a result of eating disorders such as bulimia, people often throw up forcefully once they are done eating. As a result of this constant habit of puking, the teeth can get decayed. This takes place because the vomit was coming out of the human body as the acid in it. When it frequently comes in contact with the teeth, this acid can result in damage and discoloration of the teeth.

Bad Breath

Besides trouble with gums and teeth, people who go through severe eating disorders also have bad breath. This bad breath can happen due to several reasons. First and foremost, the frequency of puking can cause bad breath because of obvious reasons. Another reason why such people tend to suffer from bad breath is the lack of sufficient and appropriate nutrients in their bodies.
People going through eating disorders either do not eat enough or forcefully vomit out whatever they have consumed. Because of this, the body is never able to retain nutrients and hence becomes weak. A weak body is a significant cause of bad breath. Lack of calcium, vitamin D, and niacin in the diet can cause bad breath.

Cracking and Sores

Another detrimental consequence of eating disorders t oral health is that of cracked lips. People suffering from eating disorders are internally weak, and this weakness starts showing off on the surface. As a result, such patients experience cracked and dry lips. These can be pretty unappealing and uncomfortable.
Another issue that arises is that of mouth sores. Since there is constantly not enough in the body or acid from vomiting, mouth sores take place. These sites are harrowing and require immediate medical attention.

Gum Deterioration

Lastly, among other cons, eating disorders also give birth to deteriorating gums. Since the body cannot receive sufficient nutrients, the tissues of the gum remain untaken care of. Lack of calcium, vitamin B, and iron are all significant indicators of the beginning of gum deterioration.
Eating disorders can be highly harmful and affect the human body in a massive range of ways. From social trouble to mental and physical harm, there is a lot of damage that it causes.

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