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How Is Sugar Destroying Your Teeth?

July 06, 2021

Growing up, you must have heard from your mum or elders around you that “don’t eat too many sugars or sweet food; otherwise, your teeth will rot.”
This is not just a saying by parents, but this is true because excessive amounts of sugary foods are harmful to oral health. If you are addicted to candy, sugary drinks, chocolates, and ice-creams, then over time, all of this will give birth to bacteria built up in the mouth.
In fact, it has been seen that people who are addicted to sweets are more likely to experience tooth decay at a very young age, and when they grow up, they have cavities.

How does sugar affect your teeth?

Consuming sugar itself is not harmful to your teeth but remember that it should be in moderation as too much sugar can be bad for your teeth. Different kinds of bacteria exist in your mouth that produce acid after breaking down the sugar. The same acids end up breaking down and harming the enamel on your teeth. This entire process increases the chances and risk of developing cavities, teeth sensitivity, and tooth decay in the long run.

How are cavities developed?

Would you like some more details? Cavities are the areas in your teeth that have been permanently damaged and cause tiny openings and holes in your teeth. The consumption of excessive sugary foods primarily causes them, frequently snacking and not brushing your teeth properly. Cavities are dangerous as they destroy the teeth from the very root and cause excessive pain in your teeth, which is hard to handle. They also destroy the shiny outer layer of your tooth, and if left untreated for a long time, you can also end up with tooth loss.

What foods destroy your teeth?

Sugary snacks

How many times has it happened that you’re up in the middle of the night and are looking for something to eat? Instead of munching on that delicious chocolate and destroying your teeth, develop a habit of munching on healthy snacks like dry fruit. Always try to replace your sugary foods with healthy alternatives.

Liquid Sugars

Have you ever thought that consuming liquid sugars in the form of canned soft drinks and juices can be very harmful to your oral health? Sugary drinks have high levels of acidic content that can cause cavities and tooth decay which means that you need to decrease your intake of sugars before the worst occurs.

How to fight tooth decay?

Now that you are aware of what foods can cause tooth decay and the consequences, make sure that you watch what you eat. Consume a balanced diet that includes proteins, carbs, fiber, and sugars.

Do not completely cut down on sugars as your body needs them but have them in moderate amounts with your meals. Furthermore, instead of consuming artificial sugars, try having natural sugars for a change and always rinse your mouth so that sugar does not stick to your teeth’ surface.

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