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Is it time for you to have your wisdom teeth taken out?

May 06, 2022

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge, so they can make your mouth even more crowded. But even if they haven’t caused you any problems yet, your dentist might want them out. Find out more about your wisdom teeth and what to expect when they start to come in.


Why should I have my wisdom teeth taken out?

If you have wisdom teeth now, you may not feel any pain or have any problems, but they can cause problems in the future, and it’s better to remove them before these problems happen. People who have wisdom teeth that develop in the wrong way can hurt their other teeth. This is called a “impacted” wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth can also make your mouth too full. This can cause problems with your jaw and your bite, and it can make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean, because wisdom teeth can grow in too close together.


What does it take to get rid of wisdom teeth?

They may use general anaesthesia (you’re completely asleep) or local anaesthesia (you stay awake but don’t feel pain). The dentist will make a small cut in your gums to get your tooth out. In order to get rid of your tooth, it may have to be cut into a lot of small pieces. It will take longer to do this if the tooth hasn’t come through the gums. As many as an hour can pass.

If self-dissolving stitches were used, the stitches will come out in about 10 days. Before you go to the doctor, he or she may give you antibiotics. The first day after the procedure is when you should stay away from strenuous exercise and hot liquids.

If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, you should have them removed at any age. Many people have their teeth extracted when they are still teenagers. Wisdom teeth can come in, and if you think they might, it might be time to call Coombe End Dental on 01722 341 291.

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